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    1. Communication strategy

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    2. Risk culture

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    3. Capacity building

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    4. Performance assurance


Our approach to communication strategy creates opportunities for stakeholders and the public to form realistic judgments about risks and the trustworthiness of the risk managers. We demystify and address the psychological and socio-political factors that affect public risk perception.


Teams communicating well and working constructively internally are best at doing the same with the public. We work with risk management teams to build unity, address the cultural factors that affect organisational risk perception, and overcome barriers to effective risk communication.


Organisations that build capacity in risk communication get better outcomes than those that remain dependent on external help. We train, coach and mentor the risk management team in the technical theory and practical skills required to be effective risk communicators.

4. Performance assurance

As with all risk management, decisions about risk communication are enhanced by quality information and analysis. We view each organisation’s entire risk matrix in its socio-political context to determine its true level of risk. We use empirical evidence, expert analysis and international standards to inform decisions and improve risk outcomes.